Eyes will be on Copenhagen in less than two hours. Laughs will be had and drinks will be consumed. Can’t wait!

Time to watch the entries that didn’t make the final for preparation (and either laugh at or lament why they didn’t get in).

Party hard Europe! :D

So I recently watched an anime called AnoHana…

It f*cking destroyed me. I have never cried so hard over a TV show in my entire life. I needed a pillow damnit. But it was good crying - I enjoyed the show heavily and the experience has left me smiling (after the tearfall).

Never has a show impacted me that much. I’ve moved on to the next anime and it’s still on my mind. If you’re looking for a touching story then do watch it. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. Now, back to my degree.

Uhh, what?

I’ve found the time to come on Tumblr and share my thoughts on the news I’ve just learned.

… … … …

That’s it. I don’t have any thoughts. I literally do not know what to think of this. Literally nothing. I’ve been left speechless.

2013 in review

So much for me saying I’ll be able to post here again. Then I’ve got an exam to worry about. No rest when it comes to university. Ah well, I’ll manage… somehow.

What I will say though is that 2013 has been a hell of a ride. I finished my first year of university and also began my second. I think I’ve done more work this year than the previous 3 combined. I got my first job and earned for the first time, which felt really nice. I moved into a non-university house - that’s had its ups and downs but still going alright.

In terms of my hobbies, well, I’ve watched a crapton of anime and increased my ever-growing collection. I’ve collected loads of new games and even a new console. Last time I got one of those was 2009. I started Doctor Who and that has slowly taken over my life in the past few months. I’m only 11 episodes from catching up - working on it!

Ooh, this year I went to Summer of Sonic for the first time. That was literally magic. I collected so much and still somehow had money left over.

And lastly, this year I was able to find the courage and confess to a person with which I’ve had feelings for a very long time. That has really made this year special - how she’s been able to put up with me for this long is beyond me. To this day I count myself lucky.

And that’s all from me - just wanted to share my year. Now I’m off to finish the year with that certain someone.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2014 will be an amazing year for all of you. :)

So I’ve just finished my first term of my second year at uni and good GOD was it difficult. It was interesting stuff but some parts were taught horrendously and the workload was ridiculous.

Whatever. I’m off for now which means my free time has increased. Which means I’ll be able to post here again. Happy days. :)

THAT'S THREE WORDS! *whacks with sandwich*

I think I’ll have you for dessert!

Sonic Lost World is in my hand…

The Wii U is all set up…


Are you going to the MCM expo this October. I think you have to now seeing as Roger Craig Smith is attending! :D

I’m not sadly! :C Haven’t planned for it and I have to be at home that weekend anyway.
Oh, and I’ve added you on Wii U. :D